The refills for the writing  items  are common and universal, easely acquired at any stationery. Most of the pieces are  made with  alloy of Chrome, and other can be made of Rodhium alloy  (pen, roller and executive) or Blacktitanium metal  alloy (Pencil – pen).

The articles are presented with a closed pore treatment in order to ensure greater durability of the colors.

Some aromatic species (Canary cedar, Canary Juniper Sabina, Canary Pines ) can be finished to open pore (only with natural wax) , although with the past of time they lose their scent and need to bewaxed to highlight the colors.

The pinecone of Canary Pine endure  a specific treatment in order to not split the void.

There is the possibility of serigraphs and personalized wooden boxes.