The Authors

alejandro melian

Alejandro Melián

Environmental educator compromised with the rural and natural culture of the islands.

Since 1994 He worked and took steps into environmental actions and projects from the private initiative.

He Grew up  between photos and cameras and  he is a lover of black & white method whichs allows him to give to the Guide  a personal outlook of the pictures he takes in the nature.

He likes astronomy and hiking.


paco cabrera

Paco Cabrera

Craftsman of the Canary plants with a great self-taught formation.


Wayfarer and tireless observer, always having his camera on shoulder. he is a great connoisseur of the seeding sources of the Canary islands plants.


He has worked since the day one with  Jocama  Canary plants nursery.


He likes tourism of nature, mountain-climbing, being interested specially in  the botanical feature.

juan guzmán

Juan Guzmán

Forest engineer by vocation and passion, he has initiated his first years working  on the islands of La Palma  and Tenerife.

In the texts that help you to discover the Trees of  the Canaries Islands  he  has overturned years of curiosity and human relationships.

He likes to practice 4X4 off road in the Sahara and to travel visiting  Forest Fairs  and National Parks.