The Craftmen

Alejandro Tornos Martínez

Alejandro Tornos Martínez

He Began to learn the jeweler’s trade of the age of 16, taught by his father  who had a Jewellery in the Vegueta district. He especially Works with silver in combination with resins, playing with the beams of light and colors, and giving them a fresh, original and cheerful character.

Innovative and persevering, always in constant upgrading with new technologies and materials, keeping in mind the Canarian cultural symbols.

He has found a new source of creative and inspiration within the canarian timber.

He Likes photography, radio controlled  and  computer science.


Alejandro Tornos Martínez

Ricardo Rodríguez Morales

He  began in woodturning  28 years ago ,manufacturing  pieces for his own use and collection.

Gradually  and encouraged by his friends,  he began his  timber specialization approximately 10 years ago.

Self-taught  in love with  wood. He works with tropical timber, making bowls, dishes, “bernegal” (cups), and also writing items in canary timber.



He is a perfectionist in the wood turned and in the finishing up techniques.

The production reflect a dedication and quality work  which  has given him an   international projection.

In continuous communication  with other national and international wood-turners to  exchange ideas and projects.

In recent years he has been utter enthusiastic and dedicated in acquiring knowledge and use of the canary timber.