The high quality of the Canary timber is at the same time an historical cause of deforestation and a need  for current cause of protection.

These exclusive pieces are made with the heartwood  of adult trees  dead by  natural causes or as a consequence of local perturbations (forest fires, gales, illness, etc.).

This use is practised with an oficial  authorization  under criterias of sustainable forest management, without  hazardous effect  onto the ecosystem balance.

All items are provided with the oficial label of Canary Craft:   “Artesanía Canaria” .  The handmade items  are made with care and  by accredited craftsmen.

From Trees of Canaries we try to promote  the knowledge, the value and the respect towards the living beings that shape our forest  nature.

“We can only love what we know and we can only protect  what we love” (Tobías Lasser 1911-2006)